John D. Goodson, MD

Founding Director

Associate Professor of Medicine, Harvard Medical School, and Physician, Massachusetts General Hospital, Dr. Goodson remains active in daily clinical office and inpatient practice. Dr. Goodson is renowned as a teacher, an advocate and an innovator of primary care medicine. He is a founder of the John D. Stoeckle Center for Primary Care Innovation and leads national efforts to improve the work experience for primary care clinicians.

Deborah Gomez Kwolek, MD, FACP, FAMWA, NCMP

Course Director

Assistant Professor of Medicine, Harvard Medical School, and practicing primary care physician at Massachusetts General Hospital, Dr. Kwolek is a nationally recognized leader in primary care medical education. She is a highly regarded author, mentor, educator, and textbook editor who is committed to the supporting the primary care clinician in their essential role in excellent patient care.

Jane S. Sillman, MD

Course Director

Assistant Professor of Medicine at Harvard Medical School; Director Emerita of Medical Residency Ambulatory Education at Brigham and Women’s Hospital.

Brian M. Mugo, MD

Course Co-Director

Instructor in Medicine, Harvard Medical School; Internist, Internal Medicine Associates

Veasna Ngoun

Course Manager


Dunia Abdul-Aziz, MD, Instructor in Otolaryngology, Head and Neck Surgery

Wynne Armand, MD, Assistant Professor of Medicine

Alexandra P. Charrow, MD, Instructor in Medicine

Sharon H. Chou, MD, Assistant Professor of Medicine

Raymond T. Chung, MD, Professor of Medicine

Caitlin A. Colling, MD, Instructor in Medicine

Gilbert H. Daniels, MD, Professor of Medicine

Akshay S. Desai, MD, MPH, Associate Professor of Medicine

Robert P. Friday, MD, PhD, Instructor in Medicine

Deborah Gomez Kwolek, MD, Assistant Professor of Medicine

Stacey T. Gray, MD, Associate Professor of Otolaryngology, Head and Neck Surgery

E. Kevin Heist, MD, PhD, Associate Professor of Medicine

Mariel G. Kozberg, MD, PhD, Instructor of Neurology, Harvard Medical School; Vascular Neurologist, Massachusetts General Hospital

David A. Hirsh, MD, Professor of Medicine

Kristen M. Hysell, MD, MPH, Instructor in Medicine

Eric M. Isselbacher, MD, Associate Professor of Medicine

Aisha K. James, MD, MEd, Instructor in Medicine

Scott Kinlay, MBBS, PhD, Associate Professor of Medicine

Dana H. Kotler, MD, Instructor in Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation

Nancy E. Lange-Vaidya, MD, Instructor in Medicine, Part-time

James H. Maguire, MD, Professor of Medicine

James E. Mojica, MD, Instructor in Medicine

Brian M. Mugo, MD, Instructor in Medicine

David M. Nathan, MD, Professor of Medicine

Walter J. O’Donnell, MD, Assistant Professor of Medicine

Nancy A. Rigotti, MD, Professor of Medicine

Rachel P. Rosovsky, MD, Associate Professor of Medicine

Jane S. Sillman, MD, Assistant Professor of Medicine

Barbara L. Smith, MD, PhD, Professor of Surgery

Kyle D. Staller, MD, MPH, Assistant Professor of Medicine

David J.R. Steele, MD, Assistant Professor of Medicine

David B. Sykes, MD, PhD, Assistant Professor of Medicine

Angeliki Vgontzas, MD, Instructor in Neurology

Anna R. Wolfson, MD, Assistant Professor of Medicine


Mina Farahani, MD, MS, Cornea, Cataract, Refractive Specialist, Spindel Eye Associates; Associate Staff, Massachusetts Eye and Ear Infirmary

Thomas J. Gill, MD, Professor of Orthopedic Surgery, Tufts University School of Medicine; Chairman, Department of Orthopedics, Steward Healthcare Network; Director, Boston Sports Medicine and Research Institute

Andrew E. Budson, MD, Professor of Neurology, Boston University School of Medicine; Chief, Cognitive & Behavioral Neurology, Veterans Affairs Boston Healthcare System; Director of Education, Boston University Alzheimer’s Disease Research Center; Lecturer in Neurology, Harvard Medical School.

Sherin Rouhani, MD, PhD, Clinical Assistant in Medicine, Massachusetts General Hospital